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The "Big Flare" Snook Jig

The "Big Flare" Snook Jig

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The "Big Flare" Snook jig allows you to give a large profile on a small lightweight jig head with a big flare collar. Perfect for flipping along fenders and rolling over rocks to target snook and strippers. When fished with a jerking motion it gives off an undulating motion with the wide flared skirt. This is a great flare hawk for when the fish are on bigger bait. 

Made with a very strong Mustad 8/0 saltwater hook

Approximate lengths: Body length 4.5" Tail length 8"

Available in many patterns. Custom Heads, colors and patterns upon request.

Sizes available: - 3/4OZ - 1OZ - 1.25OZ - 1.5OZ - 1.75OZ - 2OZ

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