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SEAWORX Fluorocarbon Leader 25yd - 100yd - 500yd

SEAWORX Fluorocarbon Leader 25yd - 100yd - 500yd

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HPx 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

LOW VISIBILITY - Seaworx Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line is an excellent line for fishing in clear water because it is nearly invisible when submerged underwater. The invisibility greatly reduces the prey's awareness which helps you catch more fish.

ABRASION RESISTANT - Our Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line can withstand heavy friction from underwater solid objects such as rocks, debris and reef obstacles.

HIGH DENSITY FISHING LINE - Sinks faster than any line type; our fishing line is ideal for anchoring bait close to the bottom and gaining more depth using weightless presentations.

NON-POROUS - Maintains the same strength, sensitivity, and handling characteristics beneath the surface as it does when dry.

Available from 10lbs to 150lb weight

25yd to 500yd spools

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