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REEF WRECKER vertical jig for offshore fishing

REEF WRECKER vertical jig for offshore fishing

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Our REEF WRECKER was designed with the offshore cobia angler in mind. Built with a 250# Kevlar tandem 6/0 4x strong hook set that's sure to drag in whatever you can sink there hooks into. Equipped with a hand tied heavy silicone skirt that will hold up to multiple triggerfish attack's as well as multiple toothy fish. The nose heavy rig will divebomb straight down on the drop then dance on the jig. Twitch, hop and jig your way to a strike, set the hook and hold on. the 2oz jig is great for sight casting cobia that are holding close to rays. Currently available in 4 colors with many more to come. This is a made to order Jig. Please allow at least a week for shipping.


weights available: 2oz, 4oz, 5oz, 6oz and 8oz

approx length:

2oz 6.5"

4-8oz 9"

when reordering hook sets please keep in mind that the 2oz has a smaller hookset then the 4-8oz sizes


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