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"Mean Beans" Live Bait Jig 3pk no brainer

"Mean Beans" Live Bait Jig 3pk no brainer

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Mean Beans are a simple yet very effective way to fish with live bait. Just nose hook and send down your favorite bait. Weather you offshore or fishing fenders with croakers. You need this heavy alternative in your box. Built on a Mustad 5/0 bait hook that will hold up to even the biggest fish thrown at it. Back weighted to keep the hook point exposed to allow for maximum hookup ratios. These will be sure to land you a personal best fish. 

Built on a 5/0 MUSTAD HEAVY BAIT hook
Weights 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz
available in a 3pk

Rigging tips!!!!!
tie directly to your leader. no additional weight needed that can spook weary fish.
Tip with live bait. porgies, shad, mudminnows, croakers, pigfish, into the mouth and up through the nose to maintain bait life. 
Works great with cut bait and crabs also.
cut mullet and ladyfish work wonders on these
Throw on a half blue crab and wait for the tug of a black drum 
small crabs such as green, Asian and fiddlers work well with the lighter weights when targeting pilons and structure

These work well for most every species but are designed specifically for the hearty saltwater breeds we love to catch. 
snapper, drum, amberjacks, tarpon, snook, and cobia to name a few

If your unhappy with your bulky rigs with swivels, weights, beads and hooks. then tie one on ands let it ride, Less is more when it comes to targeting these fish. its a "NO BRAINER" when you start catching fish and stop loosing money on all the rigging. 
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