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"BULLHEAD" MOJO parachute jig

"BULLHEAD" MOJO parachute jig

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The "BULLHEAD" MOJO head is perfect for making your own MOJO trolling jigs. The bull head is less traditional then the ball head and bullet heads but hold all the same great aspects. The collar lend to making perfect parachute rigs for your trolling setup. Unpainted to allow for maximum customization. Tie them up with Bucktail, Nylon hair or Silicone squid skirts or however you please. the heavy hooks are perfect for shad, grubs and gulp from 6" to 10". 

"Mojo" heads have been used for years by trolling fisherman to separate the weight from the hook directly. When fished with a large paddle tail this gives the bait less wobble to eliminate wobble while high speed trolling. 

Most 'MOJO' trolling heads are tied with 6" to 10" of nylon in a parachute pattern.

Available in 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz with a 60 degree eyelet

Available with a 90 degree eyelet upon request

Made with Mustad 3407DT hooks

2oz comes with 8/0 hooks

4oz, 6oz, and 8oz come with 10/0 hooks

unfinished are unpainted with no eyes

Different hooks options available upon request

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