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BIG EYE JIG 1/8oz to 3/4oz

BIG EYE JIG 1/8oz to 3/4oz

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our big eye jig is sure to please every inshore fisherman. weather your targeting bass or redfish, snook or flounder. we have an option built for you. built with an aggressive bait keeper to hold your bait cast after cast and fish after fish. All built with a 2x strong hook to take on everything you can throw it at. with a large eye to add that extra flash., pair with your favorite paddle tail or jerk bait. they come in a multitude of colors to fit all of your needs. weather your fishing the flats, channel, backwaters or docks these will perform every time. 


hook: 1/0 to 3/0 2x strong 60 degree hook

hook size:

1/8oz 1/0 hook (3pk)

1/4oz 2/0 hook (3pk)

3/8oz 2/0 hook (3pk)

1/2oz 2/0 hook (3pk)

3/4oz 3/0 hook (2pk)

all jigs come in a 3pk except for the 3/4oz that comes in a 2pk

custom colors upon request


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