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8/o Bullet Jig short and long shank hooks 2pk

8/o Bullet Jig short and long shank hooks 2pk

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The bullet jig has been a staple for big game fisherman since the beginning. The cone shaped head cuts through water with minimal drag leaving your soft bait to provide all of the action whether it be a big grub or a paddle tail. Built on a strong Mustad 8/0 short or long shank hook to provide you with superior hooksets in any situation. Perfect for cobia, fluke, flounder, snook, stripped bass, tarpon, redfish and bluefish

Available in multiple colors and a variety of sizes. 

sizes available 3/4oz, 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz

comes in a 2pk

hook sizes:

8/0 short shank

8/0 long shank

please let me know if you would like a color you dont see before ordering

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