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4" Pear Popping corks

4" Pear Popping corks

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Our popping corks are designed to keep you fishing. Designed on a flexible coated cable to eliminate the issues with bending of traditional wire corks. Built compact for extreme cast-ablility. There small size lowers the amount of tumbling you get in the air increasing the distance you can cast them. They create a loud pitch sound when popped that will bring fish up out of the depths. Perfect for fishing backwaters and floating shrimp off the coast. many fisherman love floating a shrimp or a jig head with a soft plastic shrimp under these


Pack size's available: 1pk and 6pk

4" Pear

3/8oz weight

Colors available: orange, pink, green, red and yellow

max carrying capacity about 3oz perfect for floating live bait underneath for tarpon (standard jig head and plastic or hook and shrimp will float great)


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