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1/0 octopus hook sheepshead football jigs 1/4oz - 1oz

1/0 octopus hook sheepshead football jigs 1/4oz - 1oz

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our sheepshead jigs are the ultimate jig for fishing sheepshead around pylons, rocks and structure. There rounded shape allows them to resist snagging on rock, oysters and barnacles. outfitted with your favorite hooks for sheepshead. pair with fiddler crabs, oysters, sand fleas or shrimp. rig them up and send them down. you'll be sure to pull in a monster of a sheepshead.


3 pack

hook: 1/0 octopus hook

available weights: 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz and 1oz

other hooks available: 2/0 octopus and 1/0 4x strong live bait hook

don't see a color you like. let us know we would be happy to paint it for you

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